Ensuring confidentiality during the marketing process is of utmost importance. All team members at JCH understand that maintaining confidentiality reduces the risk of harming the reputation of the Independent Living, Assisted Living, CCRC, Skilled Nursing and Alzheimer’s facility with residents, staff and the community. JCH believes that the ability of Seller’s to maintain relationships with residents and staff during the process has long term benefits to the buyer.

To ensure strict confidentiality no specific information that might identify your facility is ever included in any initial marketing that JCH does. Only after a confidentiality agreement is signed and the potential buyer has been qualified followed up with an in depth conversation with a team member is specific information released. All facilities are shown by appointment only and the potential buyer is “coached” as to the importance of maintaining that confidentiality during the tour, they are requested to ask questions after the tour away from the facility.

Because JCH uses a “targeted” approach rather than a “shotgun” approach in our marketing efforts we believe our firm is the best equipped to maintain the strict confidentiality you deserve.