The JCH Sales Process

JCH Senior Housing Investment Brokerage analyzes each offering thoroughly to identify its distinct set of circumstances. After our review, JCH uses the following methodology with the seller, which we will fine-tune to fit your unique situation: 

We Keep It Confidential

We know confidentiality is of the utmost importance. JCH will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, binding us to keep all provided information confidential during the valuation process, for your confidence and peace of mind.

Complimentary Business Analysis & Valuation

Our team assesses and analyzes your financial information, physical plant condition, local and regional market and underlying documents to calculate your asset’s highest possible value in today’s market. Click here for a Complimentary Opinion of Value.

Sales Authorization

As soon as we have your executed listing agreement, JCH will begin marketing your asset with a marketing plan custom-designed to match.

Marketing Plan

Our marketing approach is designed to capture the interest of the buyer you want. You can even pre-approve and/or request specific buyers. Before we share information with the potential buyer, each of them must sign a non-disclosure agreement. We keep these on file for your review if desired. Whether you seek to cast a broad net or attract a niche group of buyers, our team creates a customized marketing plan designed to not only meet, but exceed your goals.

Bidding and Contract Process

Once buyers submit offers, JCH will help you review, compare and analyze, and respond to them. We will also assist you with counter offer negotiation. When you have accepted an offer, we will help negotiate contracts for the transaction, such as purchase and sales agreements, interim-management agreements, and lease agreements. If the transaction requires, JCH will work with your legal counsel to ensure you achieve market terms in all of the necessary agreements. Because no two deals are alike, we work diligently to make sure the custom agreements fulfill your specific needs.

Due Diligence Period

Over the next 30 to 60 days, we will help guide you through the critical due-diligence period. After the buyer deposits a pre-negotiated, refundable cash deposit into escrow, the buyer typically investigates the physical plant, reviews the financials, and builds a model for their plans with the facility. You can also expect the buyer, their lender, and/or equity source to perform third-party studies that can include an appraisal, environmental study, property condition assessment, and, potentially, an ALTA® survey. We keep on site traffic to a minimum, setting up as few visits on site as possible.

Once the due-diligence period expires, and the buyer has decided to go forward, contingencies are removed, and the buyer’s deposit becomes non-refundable. 

Closing the Deal

In the final 15 to 30 days of the transaction process, any outstanding items necessary to close are satisfied. Once this is done, the buyer’s funds are wired to escrow. Escrow then wires the funds to the appropriate peoples and groups, and the balance to your account. The new owners are recorded with the county as the new title holders, and the escrow is closed. You’ve had a successful transaction!

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