NIC National Conference in Chicago Shows Promising Boom

In October 2014, the National Investment Center held its 24th Annual NIC National Conference in Chicago, IL. Over 2200 people attended the conference centered on investing in senior housing and care facilities.  Top executives from the most prominent operators were part of the forum.

Keynote speakers included former Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve,Ben Bernanke and chief medical officer Dr. Thomas H. Lee. While Bernanke shared his view on how the economic forecast will affect the industry, Dr. Lee shed light onto upcoming developments in senior housing regarding healthcare logistics such as payment and delivery systems.

Nothing Bad to Say

The NIC National Conference has always been a perfect opportunity for anyone involved in the skilled nursing facility and/or senior housing marketplaces to meet new contacts within the industry.  Whether looking to buy healthcare properties or spread word about an assisted living facility for sale, thousands gathered to shake hands and exchange ideas of how to make the business and culture of skilled nursing brokerage and senior housing brokerage better for all parties involved.

A great deal of energy and excitement built the momentum necessary for operators, owners and financiers to meet, learn and build partnershipswith promising results. A large majority of attendees were eager to talk about developing agreements to the benefit of sellers and buyers.  That was only encouraged with the finding that banks were more apt to approve loans for those interested in buying skilled nursing facilities or retirement facilities, providing the funds needed to set these deals in motion.

The auspicious outcome of the NIC National Conference predicts a continually booming senior housing marketplace and sets up almost any nursing home brokerage, skilled nursing brokerage or senior housing brokerage for a train of successful transactions.

The JCH Group’s Take on the NIC National Conference

The JCH Group’s own Senior Vice President Jim Hazzard, Vice President Nick Stahler and Senior VP Shep Roylance attended the NIC National Conference to much success. Thirty-six meetings were set up in two days and what they found was a great demand for value-add deals.

Skilled nursing facilities, senior housing facilities or other healthcare properties privately owned by smaller groups generally lack the corporate resources needed to upgrade their facilities to meet the competitive edge afforded by larger groups. Value-add deals are facilities that need improvements in the physical plant, operations, or both. Value-add type transactions require resources and funding to enhance healthcare properties for better fiscal performance and operations, improving cash flow and raising the value of the building before potentially putting up the assisted living or skilled nursing facility for sale.

The JCH Group as Your Healthcare Brokerage

The JCH Group team members are highly active in senior housing and assisted living marketplaces, allowing them to access the information and people needed to set up the most efficient and profitable deals. As a full-service skilled nursing brokerage, their services and expertise are based on experienced wisdom and real-time intelligence, resulting in superior data analysis and projection.

For more information on the NIC National Conference and The JCH Group’s takeaway, contact The JCH Group to speak with a team member ready to help you.

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