Choosing the Right Senior Housing Brokerage is Critical

Institutional players continue to purchase Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities from smaller operators with one or two senior housing assets. JCH Senior Housing Investment Brokerage is here to help owners navigate the process and protect their interests.

When it comes to keeping track of their financial performance, smaller operators in the Senior Housing Industry frequently have not kept pace with new operational reporting models commonly used by larger operators.  This lack of sophistication with their financial reporting may be an issue for smaller operators that are considering either expanding or divesting their portfolio of Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing facilities.  Even though financial reports may not contain errors, information organized incorrectly makes it difficult for buyers, sellers, appraisers or lenders to analyze and make decisions. JCH can help with this critical presentation to ensure you get every dollar of value that you have created.

The JCH Group makes the senior housing investment possible for operators by taking the time to analyze and assess all data in the financials provided.  Information is then reorganized into the format standard in the senior housing industry.  Any missing information is collected and added. There is often hidden value that we find, making your sale profitable.  The seller’s financials now follow industry standards making them easily analyzed by senior housing investors.

Senior Housing Investment Specialists Have a Proven Strategy

JCH is ahead of the curve as the senior housing industry continues to develop and change, to make the most of your senior housing investments, whether as a buyer or seller, you need investment advisors who offer more than one detailed plan but rather present your options to what works best for you. This provides you the flexibility to stay within the boundaries of your preferences while stepping into the competitive senior housing industry.

The JCH Group has multiple resources available to make your senior housing investments a complete success.

Our investments advisors have:

  • Private lists of qualified and pre-approved buyers and sellers
  • Both targeted and mass marketing campaign tactics
  • An extended network of trusted vendors, attorneys and other service providers
  • Complimentary facility valuations and in-depth broker opinion of values (BOV)
  • Twenty plus years of experience as senior healthcare brokers.
  • One of the few brokerages that have actual Operational experience in both assisted living and skilled nursing facilities
  • A solid track record for senior housing investment success

The JCH Group investment specialists combine their entire know-how to create the best deal for you, whether you are selling or buying senior healthcare properties.

The JCH Group is the Right Senior Housing Brokerage

For the past 20 years, the JCH Group has proudly served the senior housing community with unwavering dedication. Our expertise has created opportunities, navigated storms and solidified transactions for both small and large-scale senior housing investments including CCRCs, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and memory care facilities as well as other healthcare properties.

Get every dollar your property is worth.  Discover what the JCH experts can do for you.  Contact one of our investment specialists for a no cost consultation. Jim Hazzard , [email protected] 714-463-1677 or Cindy Hazzard, [email protected] 714-463-1672

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