San Diego NIC Conference 2015

The National Investment Center held its regional conference March 31- April 2nd in sunny San Diego, California. Senior housing players from all over the United States attended the massive event to learn and share ideas on the expanding and developing marketplace.

A Bullish Market and Positive Attitude Opens Opportunities

Lenders, equity providers, operators and brokers all reported to be doing well and keeping busy with work. Plenty of people are seeking chances to buy skilled nursing facilities, list care homes for sale or meet a senior living brokerage that knows the ins and outs of the senior housing market.

In terms of acquisitions, REITs (real estate investment trust) still dominate the market, especially for Class A assets. REIT’s typically offer the highest prices when it comes time to buy healthcare properties.

Fortunately, opportunities are abundant. Besides the REIT’s, those looking to buy skilled nursing facilities or buy assisted living facilities become creative in the sale structure to get the deal they desire. This is particularly true in the case of the “mom and pop” sellers who may need special treatment or deal structures, therefore attracting buyers that can allow flexibility.

The NIC Conference proved that there is a buyer for every asset, whether it is a high-end performing, skilled nursing or assisted facility for sale or a distressed, value-add type deal.

Lenders Provide Debt and New Equity Brings Resource

Lenders in attendance reported providing debt with good interest rates. With three, five and seven year debt terms, many lenders and equity sources were willing to get aggressive on the loan to values.

Under typical circumstances, operators plan to list their senior housing for sale once the debt term matures, but for those in for a long term hold, now would be the time to acquire HUD loans. These loans are insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a government agency, and still make up the majority of long-term loans in senior housing.

For those who have not yet settled into senior housing and wish to do so, the senior housing environment has never been more accommodating; all the tools necessary to close a transaction are available. New players offer equity and debt, making it an excellent time in senior housing for both buyers and sellers.

The Senior Living Brokerage that Delivers Excellence

When it comes time to choose a skilled nursing and assisted living brokerage to guide you in buying healthcare properties, the JCH Senior Housing Group are the people you can put your trust in.

We use a very specific method to discover and design the best deal for you. By combining field experience, real-time data and an infallible marketing strategy, our team retrieves for you what you want most from the senior housing market.

To learn more about how JCH can help you or for your complimentary valuation, contact us at your convenience.

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