Continuing Care Retirement Community

A CCRC, or continuing care retirement community, is a unique senior housing establishment that provides all levels of care conveniently in one place. A CCRC campus offers board and care for sale, hosting multiple facilities dedicated to varying levels of care such as independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing.

Each specialized facility has its own operator and management working to provide the type of services available at any other assisted living or skilled nursing facility, such as Alzheimer’s and memory care.

Benefits of a CCRC

Continuing care retirement communities are an exceptional convenience to both families and seniors alike. Once residents enter the independent living facility of your CCRC, it is likely they remain on campus throughout their aging process, graduating to the next facility and care service as needed. This is also why the census retention of CCRCs remains high.

Families feel more comfortable with a team of caretakers that has worked with their residents for long periods of time and can count on the quality of care and attention provided.

Likewise, residents are at greater ease in a community they have learned to call home and are spared the anxiety and stress of relocating to a new environment.

CCRCs are Expensive and Complex

CCRCs differ from other care homes for sale because there are two types of models by which CCRCs operate. The rental model contains a lower up front entry fee that averages around $100,000 in addition to monthly fees. These investments may be refundable within the first year, depending on the CCRC and its contract.

The buy in model requires a much larger entry cost, ranging between $250,000 and $750,000. Costs are usually refunded on a pro rata basis within the first five years of residency.

Though entry fees are large, it allows for a consistent and restricted demographic. Experienced operators thinking to buy healthcare properties should consider CCRCs as a challenging yet lucrative option. More often than not, CCRCs are extremely profitable but getting started is unlike the decision to buy assisted living facilities. It is a large and complicated process.

Complexities come from:

  • Obtaining the license for CCRC
  • Obtaining individual licenses for different on-campus facilities
  • Coordinating leasing agreements between operators and facilities
  • Managing four to five facilities on one campus

CCRCs are regulated by the Attorney General and typically owned by non-profit organizations, be it of religious or military affiliation. On occasion, one sponsor or equity investor will plan to buy a CCRC campus then lease its different facilities to respective operators and management.

The Senior Housing Brokerage that Knows CCRCs

The JCH Group has mastered the brokering of continuing care retirement communities. For operators looking buy a CCRC or list a CCRC for sale, our team of specialists is a great resource. Using real time industry information and experience for countless successful transactions, your decision to buy a CCRC can be the best one you make.

For your free business valuation from the top healthcare brokerage, contact one of our JCH representatives at your earliest convenience.

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