Specialized Brokerage in the Senior Housing Industry

Anyone remotely interested in senior housing investments knows the complexities involved. Success in senior housing investments does not come easily. There can be many complications, pitfalls, challenges and even red tape involved in senior housing transactions. For veteran and inexperienced players alike, senior housing investments require precision, thorough research, attention to detail and proper timing.

Commercial real estate brokerages are the professionals who handle income producing investments. They typically specialize in a certain sector, whether that is retail shopping centers, office complexes, apartments or subsets of the senior housing industry. Each sector presents its own set of challenges, rules and method of operation.

As a result, it is imperative that those looking for investments in the senior housing industry to use the right investments specialists. By selecting a brokerage that specializes in senior housing this will minimize issues and maximizes your chance for success.

The Senior Housing Industry Has Its Own Challenges

While managing any real estate transaction has challenges, deals within the senior housing industry are substantially more complex. Because the senior housing industry incorporates real estate as well as a healthcare component, buyers must not only deal with the typical real estate details they also need to deal with regulating government agencies, there are several places where novice investors may run into issues that an experienced brokerage can help you navigate.

Those looking for senior housing investments in the senior housing industry must also consider the complexities and processes of:

  • Regulated healthcare
  • Reimbursement model
  • Patient/Employee records
  • Licensure
  • Certification
  • Debt acquisition
  • Equity
  • Documentation
  • Compliance issues

Because of all these layers of processes and procedures, it is highly recommended by all investments specialists to utilize a senior housing brokerage. The right brokerage provides all the resources necessary to build and execute the perfect senior housing investment.

Investments Specialists in the Senior Housing Industry Take The Lead

There are various brokerages within the senior housing industry. Each has its own set of specialists, training and education, previous experience and transaction history.

Veteran investors consider the JCH Group the leading senior housing brokerage. Our team specializes in consummating deals within all sectors of the senior housing industry.

The JCH Group has an extended history and reach in the senior housing sector that cannot be matched. Our position as investment specialists within the senior housing industry allow us to effectively:

  • Confidentially source buyers and sellers
  • Place debt
  • Fund equity
  • Locate operators
  • Manage compliance issues
  • Access confident attorneys, CPAs and consultants

By utilizing the JCH Group as your senior housing brokerage, investors eliminate bothersome hindrances that can otherwise destroy a budding or time-sensitive transaction. In addition, senior housing investments are designed with expert care and attention, so no detail is overlooked. With the JCH team of investment specialists to lead investments in the senior housing industry, there are no mistakes.

The JCH Group Is Your Premier Senior Housing Brokerage

The JCH Group is the preferred senior housing brokerage for experienced and new players alike. When you start your journey in the senior housing industry, be sure to contact the JCH Group.

Your phone call is obligation free. We provide a free evaluation of your investments. The results equip you to make a sound decision and maximize return potential. Our complimentary senior housing valuation is our gift to you. Contact the JCH investment specialists at JCH today!

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