Bridging the Gap – Small and Large Operators

Over the past 20 years, the senior housing industry has grown and matured in tremendous ways. With a booming population of seniors needing higher and higher levels of care, senior housing investments are a win, win for all parties involved.

The JCH Senior Housing Investment Brokerage has proudly served the senior housing industry, for nearly 20 years, adapting to changes and helping clients secure senior housing investments that yield serious returns.

Unfortunately, not all participants in the senior housing industry have matured at the same pace. While larger operators managing multiple facilities typically have a codified method of operation, smaller operators do not.

Unfortunately, this fragmented part of the senior housing industry where small operators are unable to properly communicate their financial performance to large operators, deals maybe cut short creating a larger gap between the two.

The Big Disconnect in the Senior Housing Industry

Mom n’ Pop operators, or those families operating one or two facilities, oftentimes create their own standards of operation. Investment specialists and brokers usually discover that data collection and financial records lack formality, or are organized in a disorderly or confusing manner. This may be because these operators have fewer facilities to manage and are not exposed to broad based, national operational norms.

This is fine if these small operators do not want to conduct transactions with larger industry players. However, if they’re searching for their next senior housing investment, want to divest, or recapitalize, discrepancies in financial reporting more often than not, becomes a big problem.

Though the information provided in their financial reports may not necessarily contain errors, information may be organized incorrectly making it difficult for buyers or sellers to access important data.  As a result, what could have been the next senior housing deal, becomes a bust.

JCH Makes the Senior Housing Investment Possible

A standard format in financial reporting creates opportunities for successful transactions. A unified method of data presentation means that buyers and sellers can quickly access information and make decisions.

The big players in the senior housing industry all expect clear and concise financial reporting in order to confirm valuations and proper underwriting. The JCH Group makes the next senior housing investment possible for smaller operators.

Our financial analysis service is a fantastic opportunity for small-scale operators to prepare for the big move. They get to see what larger operators see, and what they look for in a proper senior housing investment opportunity.

The JCH investment specialists take the time to analyze and assess all data in the financials. Information is then deconstructed and reassembled into the format standard in the senior housing industry. Extraneous categories are removed while any missing information is collected and added.

With a remodeled financial report, information adheres to the industry standard and is digestible by anyone in the senior housing industry.

The JCH Group for Your Next Senior Housing Investment

The JCH Consulting Group has served operators small and large in the senior housing industry. For the past 20 years our expertise has created opportunities, navigated storms and solidified transactions for large-scale senior housing investments.

For your next senior housing investment, depend on JCH. To have your financial reports reviewed, contact Nick Stahler at 714-463-1663.

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