At this moment, opportunities are flooding the senior housing industry. With the demand for skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities rising each day, experienced operators and administrators in the senior housing business are looking for a vertical move.

Operators accustomed to managing assisted living facilities for sale are now opening up companies to become owners of their own. This is an unprecedented move that has resulted in many high quality senior housing investments.

Whether you are new to the housing business or a regional operator overseeing several plants, becoming an owner is an enormous step. However, with careful planning and help from the correct nursing home and assisted living brokerage, you can soon be an owner with a strong portfolio of senior living property investments.

Research and Plan Carefully

When making the move from operator to owner, a great deal depends on your track record and resume. Your resume needs to prove that your work as an operator was both productive and profitable. This type of proof is necessary to persuade investors, lenders, and other key relationships, bringing the entire deal together.

Impending owners also need a pipeline of acquisitions ready.  Know the type of facilities you are interested in, the kind of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities currently for sale, and what type of capital is needed to buy the assisted living or skilled nursing facilities you want.


Build Strong Relationships and Find Capital

Start up capital is needed for company overhead expenses. There will be a time period where your new company incurs expenses with little profit. So, you need funds to account for the office space, employees, equipment and other miscellaneous items as well as the capital needed for acquisitions.

Operators who want a robust portfolio of 10 or more assisted living or skilled nursing property investments will need a proportionate amount of resources. This is where your professional relationships come into play. The money to acquire the senior housing investment itself will most likely come from the investors. Plan your pitch and support it with your resume.

Operators seeking to own just one asset face a simpler process. There are several debt options for these owners. This includes small business association loans that will work with you to fund your senior living investment.

It is unlikely that an experienced operator will have no connections whatsoever. Rest assured, if your contacts fall through, senior living brokerages have resources for you.

Investments specialists at senior living brokerages can make the transition from operator to owner seamless. In fact, if only you come with a clean track record, they can assemble the rest of the transaction for you. This includes finding the right investors, the right assisted living facility for sale, and the right managerial contracts.


Rely on the JCH Group Investments Specialists for the Rest

At the JCH Group, our team of experts has assembled incredible senior housing investments. As a result, every owner has profited from their senior housing facilities.

We provide honest advice about the senior housing business so that you can count on your wealth. For free business valuations or answers to questions about senior housing facilities, contact one of our experts.

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