The senior housing industry is robust with new opportunities as we enter the first quarter of 2017. Several large operators have listed significant portions of their healthcare facilities for sale, attracting smaller and regional operators to buy skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.

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Many of these large providers operate hundreds of different facilities across the country. With so many healthcare facilities under their care, efficiency and competency in management can become an issue. For other operators, business models and plans change resulting in their need to strategically dispose of assets. As a result, portfolio management must keep up with the ever changing senior housing business.

Large Collections of Assets in the Midwest

Historically, as operators experience success, they expand their portfolios and buy healthcare properties. While this may be the dream and plan of most operators, there comes a point when a large portfolio becomes muddled. At this point, many of these operators start to downsize and list their care homes for sale.

In recent months, there have been a large number of skilled nursing and assisted living for sale available in the Midwest.

  • Kindred Healthcare has announced plans to dispose of all skilled nursing facilities.
  • A West Coast/Midwest SNF operator has listed all 66 facilities in their portfolio.
  • Brookdale Senior Living, which oversees more than 1000 locations, has announced the disposition of 200 assets across the country.

Lastly, another national SNF operator is rumored to have listed 70 skilled nursing facilities for sale, though this has yet to be confirmed.

For these large companies, disposal of assets is a necessary move in order to protect efficiencies and compete in the senior housing industry. Most operators with over 100 facilities under their management often do not compete at a high level because quality of care slips.

Smart Opportunities for Operators

Searching for Growth

On the other hand, this is an immense opportunity for small to mid-level operators. Such a large selection of assets is unprecedented, giving prepared operators the chance to make intelligent senior housing investments.

There is a wide selection of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities for sale. This particular influx of available assets also provides the opportunity for operators to gain desirable territory in the Midwest should that be their goal.

This is a special opportunity for those involved in the senior housing business. Current senior housing valuations have shown strong numbers, making the move to buy healthcare properties a worthwhile senior housing investment. Investment specialists at JCH can help properly design deals to maximize equity and returns.

The JCH Consulting Group is available for operators ready to make a move. Our experienced agents are ready to assist those who want to expand their portfolios, experience fast growth or amass assets. We are also here for those looking to trim the proverbial fat off the portfolio and sell assets.

To design your senior living property investment plan, choose the investment specialists at JCH. We are a premier healthcare brokerage specializing in senior housing investments. As the authority in the senior housing industry, we help you navigate the senior housing business.

Contact one of our specialists for pricing information on these assisted living and skilled nursing properties for sale. Hire the JCH Consulting Group for your next senior living investment.


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