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The senior housing industry has recently attracted a new wave of sellers, real estate investment trusts or REIT’s. As the need and demand for healthcare properties grows, there is more construction, general interest and changes in the way transactions take place. People are searching not just for senior homes for sale but for solid senior housing investments strategies with the assistance of experienced senior housing brokers.

With new interest comes an even newer perspective. Traditional profiles of sellers, buyers and brokers are starting to change, making unprecedented decisions and opening up new avenues for profitability.

Prepare for Dynamic Moves and Profile Shifts

There has always been and will be operators and investors who only buy assisted living facilities or buy healthcare properties. However, in recent months, the senior housing industry has been experiencing significant changes. Many operators are taking advantage of the current high senior housing valuations by choosing to dispose of their assets.

Historically REITs are buyers that account for a significant amount of real estate ownership within the skilled nursing sector. Typically, REIT’s are a one way street for properties; very rarely do they sell assets. However, recently there has been an unusual number of REITs listing their healthcare properties for sale to their current tenants or outside buyers.

There are two main reasons for this shift.

Since REIT stock prices have recently taken a harsh beating, it has become increasingly difficult for them to raise capital through the stock market in order to purchase new properties. Some REIT’s are choosing to sell existing assets with high valuations, using the profit to raise necessary capital.

Others are simply trying to build leaner portfolios by identifying low performance assets and finding operators to buy healthcare properties through senior housing brokers. Typically this strategy is also used to prepare for the next down cycle.

No matter the reason, traditional methods in the senior housing industry are changing and eager operators are jumping at unique opportunities. These fluctuations are allowing for smarter and more efficient senior living property investments with senior housing facilities.

The JCH Group Takes New Sellers in the Senior Housing Industry

As the trusted investments specialists, our team is ahead of the curve. We currently have multiple portfolios in escrow for REIT players and close lucrative transactions monthly.

We know all there is to the senior housing industry, collaborate with experts nationwide and offer free business valuations to determine what a facility is worth. To build your portfolio, our team members combine specialized experience, thorough research and empirical metrics to find the perfect senior housing investment. We also provide:

  • Portfolio management
  • Complimentary business valuations
  • Estate planning
  • Sale-leasebacks

To learn more about how the JCH Consulting Group can assist you with your next assisted living or skilled nursing investment or to view our recent closings, visit us online or contact us at your convenience.

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