The National Investment Center held its annual conference in Chicago, Illinois on September 26 this year. The three-day meeting hosted over 3000 participants from the senior housing industry.

Additionally, there were new groups attending, including operators and investors from Asian markets and US buyers from other real estate product types. This further proves that the senior housing industry has much to offer buyers, operators, investors and specialists alike.

The JCH Group attended the NIC conference and met with nearly 40 clients over two days. Each client meeting reported good news, growth and new opportunities in the works, which is the consensus for all involved in the senior housing industry.

Positive Outlook for Senior Housing’s Future

Currently, the marketplace is offering a great deal of debt and equity, funding projects, facility openings, as well as mergers and acquisitions. With so much activity in the market, everyone in attendance had someone to meet and an agenda to fulfill.

There have recently been large portfolio sales and merging of REITs. Most notably, Sabra REIT and CCP REIT have merged. These moves from senior housing titans have cemented the foundation of the marketplace, providing stability and direction for smaller operators and investors.

Reports Significant Amount of New Construction Across the Country

Construction continues to take place across the country, while more saturated in some markets than others. Still, new product always adds value to the senior housing industry and makes for lucrative senior housing investments.

It also signals that operators are doing well. In particular, operators and managers in assisted living and memory care facilities have experienced solid growth patterns. However, those involved in skilled nursing facilities continue to fight through overall turbulence set to last a few more years. Veterans of the senior housing industry are waiting to see how the space for skilled nursing facilities works through some of its current issues.

Conference Season Has Just Begun

The senior housing industry’s conference season has just started with NIC’s Fall Conference. These large-scale meetings are a perfect place for operators to meet potential lifelong business partners. With informational sessions, panels, seminars, booths and meet-and-greets, those looking for their next senior housing investments are sure to find the resources they need.

The JCH Senior Housing Investment Brokerage expects to attend the next four large conferences popular in the senior housing industry.

  • California Assisted Living Association (CALA) – November, Palm Desert, CA
  • California Association of Healthcare Facilities (CAHF) – November, Palm Springs, CA
  • American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) – January 2018, Orlando, FL
  • Regional NIC – March 2018, Dallas, TX

Join the JCH Group at any of these conferences to meet with our investments specialists.

Work with the JCH Investments Specialists for Smart Decisions

The JCH Senior Housing Investment Brokerage is the best real estate brokerage working in the senior housing industry. Our investments specialists are highly experienced, providing the type of direction, guidance and information necessary to navigate the growing senior housing industry.

To make your next step in the senior housing industry the right one, work with the JCH investments specialists. Contact Nick Stahler, 714-7463-1663 or Jim Hazzard 714-463-1677 today.

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