JCH Consulting Group is pleased to announce the successful placement of a long term, publicly traded credit tenant for a large, California based, private equity firm. JCH saved a troubled 95 unit Assisted Living asset in a matter of weeks for the landlord. In late January 2017, JCH was approached by the long-term client with a very distressed ALF in the Las Vegas, NV market. The landlord had not received a rent payment in over a year and was nearing the end of the eviction process. As of March 17, 2017, JCH had successfully placed the new operator in the facility with an emergency license and returned the landlord back to full market rents within 3 years of the 25-year lease. If you are or know a landlord that needs help with a troubled tenant, please contact JCH immediately, we have perfected the process of minimizing the landlord’s losses, maximizing potential rent and protecting the overall solvency of the asset.

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