How to Choose a Sales Price

Selling assisted living or skilled nursing facilities in the senior housing industry? Selling healthcare properties? No matter what, determining and settling on a sales price for your senior housing investments is incredibly important. This number not only determines whether or not the sale goes through, it determines whether or not the buyer and seller meet […]

ASHA Recap for 2018

The American Senior Housing Association held its annual conference this year in Orlando, Florida. From January 31 to February 2, most of the major players in the senior housing industry attended the event. This was the perfect opportunity for operators, lenders, private equity firms and vendors to connect and collaborate at the start of the […]

2018 Senior Housing Forecast

In the past several years, the senior housing industry has welcomed new investors from other real estate product types. The sector has grown over time into one of the favored real estate investment classes for investors. In addition, with the demand for new assisted living, skilled nursing and other healthcare properties growing, lenders are working […]

The Evolution of the Skilled Nursing Market

Investments in the skilled nursing market have endured great turbulence the last five years. With so many different asset classes in the senior housing industry and the reimbursement climate in constant flux, investment specialists and operators alike have waited for a definitive answer on how to navigate within the marketplace. Now, as the dust has […]

CAHF 2017 Recap with the JCH Group

The California Association of Healthcare Facilities conference took place in Palm Springs this year from November 13th to the 15th. This unique conference invites all types of members from the senior housing and skilled nursing industry which included vendors, consultants, brokers, attorneys and operators. With such a wide array of attendees, the 2017 CAHF created […]

NIC Fall Conference 2017 Recap

The National Investment Center held its annual conference in Chicago, Illinois on September 26 this year. The three-day meeting hosted over 3000 participants from the senior housing industry. Additionally, there were new groups attending, including operators and investors from Asian markets and US buyers from other real estate product types. This further proves that the […]

Senior Housing Operator Ethics

Operator Ethics The senior housing industry exists to serve the senior community. It provides a safe environment with a variety of services necessary for a higher quality of living in the advanced life stage. Hundreds of thousands of families rely on the integrity of the senior housing industry to provide for their elderly family members. […]

What Is Assisted Living and How Can I Buy Assisted Living?

What is Assisted Living The senior housing industry offers several distinct types of investments for future operators. Each type appeals to its own consumer base, which comes down to the type of care provided at the facility.¬†What is assisted living: Assisted living facilities are for senior residents needing moderate assistance. Assisted living fits into a […]

JCH Bridges the Gap

Bridging the Gap – Small and Large Operators Over the past 20 years, the senior housing industry has grown and matured in tremendous ways. With a booming population of seniors needing higher and higher levels of care, senior housing investments are a win, win for all parties involved. The JCH Senior Housing Investment Brokerage has […]

Senior Housing – A Market Segment Ignored?

Middle Market in Senior Housing There is absolutely no doubt that the senior housing industry is in a cycle of robust construction. New buildings are being built every single day, but for who? Despite the growing number of investments in the senior housing industry, operators and developers are consistently ignoring a largely underserved market. The […]