This month the JCH Consulting Group’s investment specialists attended the California Association of Healthcare Facilities conference. The CAHF’s 66th Annual Convention and Expo were held, as always, in Palm Springs, California. From November 13 to 16, senior housing investments specialists, operators, vendors, lenders, attorneys, and those with serious interests in senior housing and skilled nursing sales met to share and exchange vital information.

The four-day conference featured information sessions led by senior housing experts, meet-ups and an exhibition hall where vendors and operators showcased their services. Out of over 200 expo booths, the JCH Group was the only senior housing brokerage, providing a unique vantage point within the attendance. The conference also offered several continuing education sessions for facility level employees.

The 2017 Calendar Year Looks
Strong and Steady

The majority of active members in the senior housing and skilled nursing industry felt confident that 2017 would yield positive results. Inevitably, everyone expects an increase in costs, particularly for labor and insurance. However, no one felt there to be any significant factor that would negatively impact the senior housing business. Specifically Medi-Cal and Medicare, reimbursement and revenue are expected to experience little change.

In fact, under the Trump administration, operators anticipate fewer audits. As a result, operators and owners will have more time to focus on field operations and will spend less time wrestling with compliance issues.

The JCH Group Finds Success in Collaboration

As the premier senior housing brokerage attending CAHF, the JCH Consulting Group partnered with Lancaster Pollard in hosting a cocktail party. Lancaster Pollard is a top tier loan brokerage that provides loans for operators in the senior housing industry.

Over fifty clients attended the event, mingling with each other and the top investments specialists at JCH. Many players wanting to buy assisted living and skilled nursing facilities or list their assisted living and skilled nursing facilities for sale were able to find pathways to move their deals forward.

While the JCH investments specialists provided key information for operators ready to move, Lancaster Pollard representatives made transactions possible by laying out the financial logistics. It was a beneficial alliance for both companies and an enormous convenience for those seriously interested in senior housing investments. The JCH Consulting Group plans to collaborate more frequently with Lancaster Pollard to make senior living property investments a seamless operation.

The Senior Housing Business Experts at the JCH Consulting Group

Overall, the senior housing business remains bullish and robust. Valuations are stable and the demand for residential care homes for sale remains strong and consistent. Those involved in the senior housing industry are still eager to seize opportunities and make connections.

The investments specialists at JCH are proud to have taken part in the 2016 CAHF Conference. We anticipate a productive year in 2017. Our team has already begun building new opportunities for our clients in the year to come.

The JCH Group is the experienced senior housing brokerage that delivers results. We provide valuations for your facility(s) free of charge and are happy to answer any questions you have about senior living property investments. Contact one of our investments specialists to assist you in your plan to buy healthcare properties.

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